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HVAC Systems

As a contractor we provide the design, fabrication and installation of HVAC systems and industrial ventilation throughout Western Canada. We have also provided seismic, mechanical and air-quality upgrades to existing HVAC systems.

HVAC Services

We fabricate, design and install the following:
Heating systems Seismic upgrades
Ventilation systems Mechanical upgrades
Air conditioning systems Air quality upgrades

Industrial Ventilation Services

We fabricate, design and install the following:
Process ducting
Material handling chutes (grain chutes, spouts and stacks)
Dust control and dust collection systems

Systems Testing

HVAC systems are tested by independent third-party consultants:
Air balance testing to meet specifications
Commissioning during and after installation


We fabricate HVAC systems using a variety of materials:
Mild Steel Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel Aluminum

HVAC Exporting

We also offer HVAC exporting services to suit your needs. We are able to provide a complete package from consultation and design to fabrication and shipping.


On-going support is provided:
Systems training
Operation & maintenance manual (O & M Manual)
Warranty (1 year for commercial and 2 year for residential)
Extended warranty is available

Bonds & Insurance

We qualify for contract bonds and can obtain project insurance:
All-risk builder's insurance Performance bonds
Post-construction insurance Labour & material bonds
General liability insurance

Featured Projects

Mica Dam - HVAC System
Shangri-La Hotel & Residence - HVAC System
Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant - Industrial Ventilation
Surrey School District No. 36 - Mechanical Upgrade
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