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Drafting & Design

Using software like SolidWorks, SDS Duct Detailing, and AutoCAD, we provide drafting and design services for HVAC systems, architectural metal and custom fabrications. We can work from our client's conceptual ideas or provide turnkey solutions.


We use SolidWorks, a 3D mechanical CAD application, to convert flat CAD files into textured 3 dimensional images. Used primarily in custom fabrication and architectural metals, this software offers the following benefits to our clients:
Concepts are displayed in 3D making it easier for clients to visualize end product
Clients have greater input in refining designs
Reduces turnaround time, costs, and material waste
Learn more on the SolidWorks website
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SDS Duct Detailing

Prior to fabrication we create 3D drawings of HVAC systems and industrial ventilation using SDS Duct Detailing software. This software offers the following benefits to our clients:
3D drawings of ducting system are easily interpreted
Connects ducts from point to point for faster designing
Automated design reduces human error
Learn more on the Shop Data Systems website
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We are well versed in AutoCAD, an industry standard application. 2D and 3D AutoCAD designs are created for the majority of our fabrication services.
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