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Custom Fabrication

We can custom fabricate just about anything related to steel or aluminum. Some of the fabrications we have worked on in the past include a complex dust collection system for BHP Billiton's Ekati Mine, as well as equipment support and access platforms for the GVRD.

Custom Fabrication Services

Listed below are examples of some of our previous custom fabrications. Depending on the nature of the project, we can also provide on-site installation.
Equipment support and access platforms
Light structural steel
All classifications of ductwork & fittings
Motorized dampers, louvers, mechanical penthouses
Free standing high pressure sound plenums
Implosion and explosion plenum doors
Blast gates and clean outs
Steel ducting, chutes, spouting, c/w liners
Stacks, breechings, chimneys
Rib lock and standing seam building panels
Built-up air handling units
Air separators


Our 16,000 square foot facility, software, and equipment allow us to take on difficult custom fabrication projects:
Trumpf CNC TruMatic Laser Press SolidWorks 3D software
220 ton Durma CNC Press Brake SDS software
MG Computerized Plasma Cutting Table AutoCAD software
7.5 ton Trolley Crane Drafting & design service
Full equipment list


We can custom fabricate using a variety of materials:
Mild Steel Stainless Steel
Galvanized Steel Aluminum

Bonds & Insurance

We qualify for contract bonds and can obtain project insurance:
All-risk builder's insurance Performance bonds
Post-construction insurance Labour & material bonds
General liability insurance

Featured Projects

Capilano Pumping Station
Teck Cominco's Red Dog Mine
National Research Council's Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation
Custom fabrication photo gallery
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