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CNC V Groover Video

A V groove is machined on the inside of the bend line and when the metal was bent along that line a sharp corner is achieved. The sharp corner is required by architectural designers who want buildings to have a distinctive, high quality look and precision fit.

Sample work order for the groover machine

Sample Work Order - (90 KB Acrobat PDF File)

Interior Walls, Doors and Ceilings

The wall or ceiling panels are V Grooved to achieve sharp corners on each panel so that when assembled on the building the surface appears to be seamless. The panels are formed liked pans so they have 4 to 8 grooves.

The best looking elevator doors have panels formed after V Grooving.

Any city skyline will have examples of curtain wall construction. Curtain walls may be glass or metal or a combination of both. Designers want the shapes to appear as if they were solid rolled bars or extrusions.

V Groover Users Beyond Curtain Walls

The graphic artists / designers create the applications and they are expanding the applications.

In shopping malls the stores have displays and racks with V grooved components and the entrance and escalators have them too. So does restaurant furniture and the kitchen equipment.

In Cruise ships and mega yachts their stainless steel stair components and bright work is often V grooved.

In the NASCAR Hall of Fame the displayes were V grooved.

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